tight hip flexors

Got Tight Hip Flexors? 7 Exercises To Get Rid of Them

Having tight hip flexors can be the cause of a lot of uncomfortable back pain that you don’t need to have. You can be eating right, training hard and in peak health but if your hip flexors are tight then ...
best carb blocker for weight loss

The Best Carb Blocker for Weight Loss 2018 (Lose Weight + Stay Young)

If you’re looking for the best carb blocker for weight loss then you’ve come to the right place. Many believe taking a carb blocker will allow you to eat your favorite carbs while minimizing some of the consequences that come ...
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sauna weight loss tips

Tips For Using The Sauna For Weight Loss (Does It Work?)

Can you really use the sauna for weight loss? Saunas have been used for centuries as a way to relax, heal tired muscles and improve muscle tissue quality. The Finn’s still use these “sweat baths” to rejuvenate their bodies and ...
Best Exercise to Burn Belly Fat

The Best 10 Exercises To Burn Belly Fat Fast

If you’re looking for the best exercises to burn belly fat then you come to the right place. Belly fat can be the most frustrating area to lose fat and it’s usually the last to go. You’ll find a lot ...
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sleep and weight loss

7 Reasons Why No Sleep = No Weight Loss

Sleep and weight loss go together like peanut butter and jelly. You have the best diet and workout routine on the planet, but if you’re not getting enough quality sleep then you’re not going to lose weight. Today’s culture looks ...
is it bad to eat before bed

Is It Bad To Eat Before Bed? (#1 Food To Eat Before Bed To Lose Weight)

So is it bad to eat before bed or not? Most people assume it’s bad to eat before bed as you heard so from friends, family, co-workers and even some doctors. It’s become culturally accepted if you eat too late ...
is soy bad for you

Why Soy Is Bad For You (Uncovering the Shocking Truth…)

Is soy bad for you? Or is it the best superfood on the planet? Most people assume eating more soy is good for them, but the truth is muddier than you think. Eating more plant-based foods in your diet is ...
best breakfast for weight loss

The Best Breakfast for Weight Loss (Burn Fat Every Morning)

It can be super confusing knowing what really is the best breakfast for weight loss. Especially with all the different choices available to you. Your mom used to tell you breakfast was the most important meal of the day and ...
healthiest bread for weight loss

The 3 Best Breads To Help You Lose Weight

Did you know you could still eat bread and lose weight? The truth is bad carbs do make you fat. But there are some good carbs and breads out there in the world that will help you lose more weight. ...
lose weight paleo diet

How To Use The Paleo Diet For Weight Loss (Does It Work?)

With all the hoopla and hype on using the Paleo diet for weight loss, it’s high time to take a deep look at the diet to uncover if it’s going to get you the results you’re after. There are a ...